HomePAK Portable Storage Units

For College

The end of the school year is always a pain because you have to move out of your dorm or apartment. Imagine moving your stuff to the boulevard, and you’re done! Don’t move everything home again. Pack it and let us store it with HomePAK from Dial-A-Move. Imagine...

  • No more stuffed cars
  • No more borrowed pick-ups or trailers
  • No more trips to the storage shed
  • No more cluttering the parent’s garage
  • No moving stress during finals week
  • No more multiple trips

Here’s how it works...

  1. Contact us and tell us how much stuff you have.
  2. We deliver a HomePAK storage unit to your front door.
  3. You pack it up full, lock the door, keep the key.
  4. We pick up your HomePAK and store it indoors for you until the following school year.
  5. With one easy payment, you’re done!

What’s included in the flat price?

  • The HomePAK delivered to your front door.
  • A weather proof covering.
  • We pick it up and store it indoors until fall.
  • In the fall, we bring it back for you to unload.

How do you know your stuff will fit?

  • If you think you have a lot, call us, we’ll know.
  • One HomePAK will easily fit a typical dorm room, if not three.
  • Tell your friends, share the costs!

How much does it cost?
We store your HomePAK for the summer break, from May 1 to August 30 (Other plans available).

  • For one HomePAK, prepaid in full at the start of summer is..........$288
  • Share with 1 friend and you each pay .......$144
  • Share with 2 friends and you each pay .....$100

(sales tax applies)

Reserve a HomePAK today! Call 605-229-3789 or email dan@dialamoveinc.com.