HomePAK Portable Storage Units

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Features HomePAK
Self-Storage Units Benefits

Do It Yourself Storage yes yes Convenient and cost savings

Placement on property yes   Can be placed anywhere on property for ease of loading/unloading

Delivered to your doorstep yes Saves time and effort

Load at your leisure yes yes Work around your schedule

Handle items less times yes Load and Unload ONLY once – Less chance for damage

Ground level loading yes Easy to load. No lifting into trucks

No Truck Rentals & Insurance yes Tight timelines. Inconvenient to schedules

Leave the driving to us yes Elimination of driving large cumbersome truck

HomePAK is lifted straight up and down yes   Compared to larger portable storage which is tipped to load onto truck

Cleanliness yes   No dust or moisture sifting through roll-up garage doors

Security yes No Public Access - Stored in secure warehouse vs. traditional cold self-storage facilities

Fire Detection System yes Warehouse is set up with smoke & heat detection. Fire/Police dept. is located 2 blocks away

Temperature yes   Warehouse stays above freezing vs. traditional cold storage units