HomePAK Portable Storage Units

For Your Home

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, Dial-A-Move HomePAKs are the ideal solution for your storage needs. There are many situations that HomePAK is perfect for, including:

Staging your home for selling or downsizing
Staged homes sell 26% quicker, and typically for more money than unstaged homes.

Most real estate agents know that clearing out the clutter is one of the easiest, least expensive strategies in assisting with a quick sale of a home. An uncluttered home makes a great first impression on other agents and prospective buyers. Using a HomePAK to temporarily store all those overflow items can help  create a relaxed, inviting environment that prospective buyers can better imagine themselves and their things in.

At Dial-A-Move, all it takes is a phone call to start the process. Simply have us position the correct number of HomePAK containers at your current home. Then simply fill them with your non-essential household items. Typically, your real estate agent will be happy to assist you in  helping  to decide what items should be removed from the home prior to listing.

After the sale is complete and you have relocated to your new home, simply give us a call and we will deliver your HomePAK containers to you for unloading.

De-Cluttering Tips:
Smart, clean furniture arrangement will help potential buyers visualize how their furniture will look in your home.
Clear off kitchen counter tops and take down refrigerator magnets.
Empty out most closets to maximize space by opening up small areas.
Empty out garages by removing all non-essential contents.
Clean up the yard by removing all excess furniture, pots, rusted tools and children’s toys.

Depersonalize your home by removing family photos, certificates and artwork.

Consult your real estate agent for advice and insight on home staging. Whether you perform the de-cluttering yourself or use the services of a professional stager, HomePAK could be your solution for a faster selling home.

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Moving to a new home / Short-term storage
HomePAK’s short-term storage is classified as a period of 10 days or less. This option is often used by individuals who need to clear items from their current home before closing. It allows the client to pack items on their own time, rather than hurrying to load trucks and trailers the evening or morning before closing. 

On the day of closing call our professionals to pick up and deliver to your new address. Instead of being rushed to unload rental trucks that are due back that same day, you can take your time to put everything away correctly the first time. Another added benefit is that the HomePAK allows you to clean or “nest” your home prior to moving in.

Simply pick a 10 day window on either side of your closing day, whichever works best to fit your schedule. For example, if you need more time loading and less time unloading, have the HomePAK(s) delivered 7 days prior to closing and keep them for 3 days after. It really is that easy!

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Flood relief
As we all know, mother nature is unpredictable. When flooding threatens your home or property, simply call Dial-A-Move and we’ll get a HomePAK to your doorstep so you can get your important possessions out of harm’s way and into our dry and secure warehouse.

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Reclaim your garage
HomePAK is an easy and cost-effective way to get your garage space back. Use HomePAK to store items you don’t need during the winter months and free up space for your vehicles. We’ll deliver a container directly to your home. You load it at your convenience. We then pick the unit up and store it at our secure facility. When you are ready to use the items again, simply call us and we’ll bring the HomePAK back to you for unloading. 

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Adding on / Expanding the family
Redoing the floors? Enlarging the master suite? Building on a second floor?

Whatever the project, a clear workspace is a necessity. HomePAK is a solution. With government municipalities restricting long-term storage or large metal containers in many residential areas, HomePAK makes storage during construction possible without putting you in hot water.
With our help, you can eliminate the worry of ruining your couch with dust and debris, or running into and damaging that important heirloom as you work. We’ll deliver the appropriate number of storage containers to your jobsite. Pack your furniture, pictures and boxes into the HomePAKs to create a safe, clean work environment. 

After loading your containers, simply attach your padlock and give us a call. We will pickup and deliver your filled HomePAKs to our secure warehouse so you can get to work. Upon completion of you project, we will return the units back to you. You are free to then unload the contents and let us know when to remove the empty containers.

We can even help you with the loading and unloading labor. Just ask!

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