HomePAK Portable Storage Units

For Your Office

Many different types of businesses can benefit from using HomePAK, including:

  • Real estate agents
  • Contractors
  • Auctions
  • File storage
  • Retail businesses (inventory, seasonal)
  • Community Events (races, food fairs, runs, walks, conventions, festivals)

Real estate agents
Just as putting a moving van together for a damage-free load is an art form, so is staging a home for listing. As professionals in the business, you know the effect staging can have on the length of time a home will sit on the market.

An uncluttered home is an easy, inexpensive strategy to making a great first impression on other agents and prospective buyers. Use Dial-A-Move's HomePAK to help create an open, relaxed, inviting environment.

With Dial-A-Move, all it takes is a phone call to start the process. Just have us position the correct number of HomePAK containers at the listing site to be filled with non-essential household items, helping to create a more spacious and attractive interior to prospective buyers. After the sale is complete and your client has relocated to their new home, simply have them call and we will deliver their HomePAK containers for unpacking.

What ever the project, you need a clear work area. With the Dial-A-Move HomePAK, we have a solution. Simply give us a call and we will deliver the appropriate number of storage containers to your jobsite. Have the clients load their furniture, pictures and boxes into the containers to create a safer, cleaner work environment. With more space, you won’t have to worry about damaging the client’s personal items.

After loading the container, attach a padlock and give us a call for pickup. We will transport the filled HomePAK containers to our secure warehouse and out of your way so you can get to work.

Upon completion of the project, we will return the units to the site for unloading.