HomePAK Portable Storage Units

Short-Term Storage

HomePAK’s short-term storage is classified as a period of 10 days or less. This option is often used by individuals who need to clear items from their current home before closing. It allows the client to pack items on their own time, rather than hurrying to load trucks and trailers the evening or morning before closing.

On the day of closing call our professionals to pick up and deliver to your new address. Instead of being rushed to unload rental trucks that are due back that same day, you can take your time to put everything away correctly the first time. Another added benefit is that the HomePAK allows you to clean or “nest” your home prior to moving in.

Simply pick a 10 day window on either side of your closing day, whichever works best to fit your schedule. For example, if you need more time loading and less time unloading, have the HomePAK(s) delivered 7 days prior to closing and keep them for 3 days after. It really is that easy!