HomePAK Portable Storage Units

Dial-A-Move HomePAKSelf storage the easy way.

Dial-A-Move HomePAK portable storage units are a new, more convenient way to store your furnishings. It's a perfect fit for your home, your office, or your college dorm or apartment. Think of it as self-storage delivered to your doorstep!

Here's how it works:

1. We deliver...

Contact Dial-A-Move and arrange to have your HomePAK unit(s) dropped off to your location. We will place the Pak where you want it, when you want it, for utmost convenience.

2. You pack...

Upon delivery of your portable storage units, you pack them on your own time. The containers measure a roomy 7.5' tall by 8' deep by 5' wide, allowing you to store a sizable amount of goods, usually a room to room-and-a-half of typical furnishings per container.

3. We store... or move!

When you’ve completed filling the containers, simply lock them and call Dial-A-Move. Our professionals will pick up the units, and then transport them to our warehouse for secure storage until you are ready to retrieve the items.

Or if your are moving across town, we will pick up the HomePAK and transport it to your new home for unloading on your time schedule.

We offer two rental structures: short-term for the individual who needs a HomePAK for up to a ten day period, or long-term for those needing the unit for more than ten days.

Contact a Dial-A-Move at dan@dialamoveinc.com or 1-888-577-2897 and arrange to have your HomePAK unit(s) dropped off to your location.

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